I’m Sahra, a trained qualitative researcher and an enthusiastic insight analyst.

I am passionate to understand how people experience products and services and turn that understanding into strategic actions for clients. Deeply interested in UX, product development, branding, and consumer/customer research.

Inspired by people’s experiences.

I enjoy collaborating in a multicultural environment. I have experience in communication from Ideon Science Park in Lund and Boyner Group in Istanbul, where I supported companies in managing events and social media, enhancing website content and designing visuals. I have been freelancing as a content creator for different companies since 2015.

Born in Istanbul. I studied Language and Literature at Bogazici University. During my BA, I had a chance to study at Copenhagen University and then I have fallen in love with Scandinavian culture and decided to stay. Completed my Master’s in June 2019 at Lund University and since then I work with helping different businesses and organizations to obtain a deep understanding of their customers with fresh insights based on researches.

Additionally, I currently lead Women in Entrepreneurship community powered by Skåne Startups in Southern Sweden to encourage women interested in entrepreneurship to exchange their hands-on business experiences and insights, which could lead to starting a new business or developing current ones.

Here is my publicly shared Master’s thesis as an example of how I work and make sense different consumer beliefs, behaviours, stories and experiences and turn them into applicable insights:

Close Enough: A Cultural Analysis of Plant-Based Meat Consumption in Everyday Food Practices

As a professor at the Master programme in applied cultural analysis at Lund university I have met Sahra both as teacher and supervisor for her Master thesis. She is a dedicated, ambitious and hard working person. Passionate about food, sustainability and health, always eager to dig deeper into different topics. In addition to her analytical skills, she is also very competent in presenting to and interact with business professionals. I truly recommend Sahra for any position where her ambition and skills will continue to develop.”

Håkan Jönsson, Associate Professor at Lund University

Turkish native

English proficient

Swedish conversational

French conversational

Danish learning

+(46) 070 367 70 95