Hello! I’m Matthew and I am a creative practitioner with a cultural research background, eager to bridge the gaps between arts and cultural institutions.

Strategising in business starts with an idea and we as a community can collaborate to make that idea a reality. I enjoy working across different styles and mediums to approach challenging subjects that people face every day. Through this developmental research, I have come to learn the best creative tools for exploring cultural dilemmas and how we can manage our shared knowledge to overcome them. With experience in literature, cinema, and museum practices, I am keen to grow my praxis across diverse sectors.

Inspired by creativity.

I have a master’s in applied cultural analysis from Lund University throughout which I focused on studying creative industries. My previous background at bachelor’s level focused on writing, directing, and performance at the University of York, UK. Between my studies I have lived in Hong Kong teaching English whilst developing key communication and intercultural skills. I have also worked as a bookseller in the UK whilst discussing and reviewing books online through my Instagram and YouTube platforms. This taste in video editing, creative writing, and audience engagement drives the work that I do as a cultural analyst.


Masters Thesis: Telling Tales Through Translation: The art that fosters shared imaginaries between translator and ethnographer identities.


English native