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What’s happening to Chinese youth entertainment during the pandemic?

What's happening to Chinese youth entertainment during the pandemic? By Fanyi Yang* Since the outbreak of COVID-19, countries have introduced different measures and policies to prevent people from spreading the virus, including regular hand washing, wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, reducing face-to-face interaction, and so on. These policies and measures brought about by COVID-19 have greatly influenced people's views and social patterns. With a curiosity about how different levels of prevention measures and policies have affected people's entertainment activities during the epidemic, I have conducted research aiming to explore the different dimensions of entertainment experienced in China. Strict epidemic prevention measures have brought the epidemic under good control in China. In the first two months of the outbreak, China asked the public to abide by hygiene practices, wear face masks, [...]

October 22nd, 2020|

Attitudes towards online shopping in over 65s

Attitudes towards online shopping in over 65s By Huseyin Erbas* Nowadays, we can buy a lot of things from the internet with just a few clicks, without moving from our couch. Food, clothing, medical, all kinds of services, entertainment, books, furniture, home, car, tickets and even doctor and nurse services are some of the things we can buy online. The rate of online shopping (e-commerce) is increasing day by day with the widespread use of the internet and the increase in the variety of products sold on the internet. For example, according to the E-barometer report published by the cooperation of Postnord, Svensk Digital Handel and HUI Research, the percentage of those who shop online at least once in Sweden is 67% in 2018, 70% in 2019 and 77% in 2020 [...]

October 14th, 2020|

Wearing or not Wearing a Mask during the Pandemic

Wearing or not wearing a mask during the pandemic By Vera Johansson In a world of an on-going pandemic, wearing a mask has become an important segment to be able to move around in the shared spaces. However, that tradition has not been manifested in Sweden to the same degree as in other countries. One reason for this might be that The Public Health Agency of Sweden has chosen not to issue any recommendations to wear a mask. One reason for this that has been given is that “there are obvious risks if masks are used incorrectly. Theoretically, they have not been shown to have any effect”. Meanwhile, some people wear it due to the impact it has had on the rest of the world, with the motivation that “masks may [...]

October 8th, 2020|

Creative Theatre Making and What We Can Learn From the Fringe

Creative theatre making and what we can learn from the fringe By Matthew Short The novel coronavirus pandemic has had a multiplicity of effects on creative practitioners. For some it has made them seek out alternative forms of creativity by reaching new audiences through different platforms and mediums. For others, the uncertainty and anxiety that this time has created has left them unable to focus in a creative way. During this time, attention to the self and the body is important, and so for some creatives, self-care has been a priority over the act of creation. For many traditional artistic creators, particularly within the theatre industry, this time has left them unemployed, or on furlough, with no surety as to what will happen next. This is not an isolated problem that we [...]

October 1st, 2020|

Corona Chronicles: Self-socializing and the feeling of being used to in corona times

Self-socializing and the feeling of being used to in corona times By Sahra Rosenkvist Here I am back with another social-life focused article in corona times. Based on the insights coming out from my interviews, here I will disclose not only the negative effects of coronavirus outbreak but also positive ones on the social life of two Swedes living in Southern Sweden. I am starting with a very interesting concept, self-socializing, which I came up with the observation in one of my interviews. Quarantine as an opportunity for personal development & self-socializing Karin names the current situation of hers as quarantine and she believes this is an opportunity for both for her and for the world to breathe: “I feel that quarantine has been a fantastic opportunity for me to realize that [...]

July 13th, 2020|

Corona Chronicles: Offices Going Digital

Offices Going Digital By Linn Björklund I’ve spent the past months observing and listening to how people staying at home in the time of crisis are thinking about this new, often digital, way of doing work. The following perspectives are based on Adam and Denis and their experiences of working while staying at home. I have identified two, seemingly opposing, attitudes about working from home. On the one hand, there’s the loss of social belonging and the inhabited office culture. On the other hand, there’s the realization that inhabited office culture is not always justified. As a consequence of the coronavirus and staying at home workplaces were put in a sudden digital transformation, from moving through a physical workplace away from home, to move through a virtual workplace while staying at home. [...]

July 6th, 2020|

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