Our first webinar on Market Research

Last week we had our first webinar on smart market research for startups!

The engagement and questions from some of the participants made us realize how useful our webinar was.

Some of our participants’ engagement and the positive feedback we received after the webinar encouraged us to create new webinars and opportunities in which to support new businesses with their market research. So stay tuned!

Here are some of the learnings that participants said they got our from our webinar:

“tips I can go out and use immediately”

“practical tools on how to save data for further analysis, different techniques to gather data and their pro’s and con’s.”

“Thinking about data categories: behaviours, symbols, thoughts, feelings, status”

“It was aimed at helping/guiding small companies with little resources that have to do every time on their own.”

If you have a startup or thinking about one, and market research is giving you headaches tell us about your challenges and email to us!