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The square is a layered concept: a geometrical shape, a physical space and also a social place, filled with symbols, beliefs and actions. It is where the ancient Greeks met to discuss the common good, where people engaged in debate and problem-solving.

Squares are also the cultural spaces we move in, from the town square to the squares of home or office and all the commercial and public squares in between. These are spaces that shape and are shaped by our lives and that have invisible dimensions, depth and shifting functions. This is the context in which we invite our clients to go beyond what is usually taken for granted, understand the needs of the stakeholders they care about and receive actionable insights.

We are five qualitative researchers and cultural analysts based in Sweden who co-founded Square Culture together to work internationally to help organizations understand their customers, employees and communities by generating fresh insights about human experience in different settings in the beggining of our journey in 2019.

These days instead of giving consultancy we help students studying social anthropology and applied cultural analysis for their intership projects. We guide them with our experiences and different researech backgrounds at Square Culture.

Square Culture works hard for discovering the effects of the corona pandemic on people’s lives, needs, habits and perceptions. Our insights come from human-centric researches where various qualitative research methods are conducted to collect rich data relevant to the coronavirus phenomena.

With our corona chronicles we aim to share real stories by people who are affected by the coronavirus in different ways and make their challenges heard by relevant stakeholders.

Read below our corona chronicle articles with different focuses including work life, social life, mobility, and emotions.

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Our Previous Services

We offered applied research services for businesses and organizations who are looking for deep insights about users, their needs and interactions with a product or service. Our research is human centered and we use qualitative research methods such as in-depth interview, focus group and participant observation to collect rich data about people’s lives, needs, habits and perceptions.

We analyze data to discover where the problems lie and we support organizations in finding solutions and serving their customers better. Some of our research fields are given below.

User Experience & Product Development

Market Insights

Community Research

Mobility & Urban Development

Organizational Change Research


Why Choose Us?

With our well honed research skills, international background and deep drive for change, we are the ideal partner for projects requiring flexibility, creativity and solution-finding. We want to build long-term partnerships with our clients and offer support throughout all stages, from defining the problem to implementation and follow-up.

All data is gathered and analyzed in-house to deliver high quality insights.

Our holistic approach reveals hidden cultural aspects that shape everyday interaction.

We combine real life data with cultural theory for deeper analysis.

Each project is personalized depending on our clients’ organizational needs.

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